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    Florence, Oregon Apartment Complex
    • One of a kind: Designed and built with humane values, the apartments win the hearts of the seniors who live here. There are views from all windows: the landscaped courtyard, the trees, rhododendron forest, glimpses of the river and the Oregon dunes, ocean sounds and atmosphere. It is located off road behind a greenbelt of vegetation. The hospital is close by. It’s safe with many security features, including the police station, just down the road.

      Best Retirement Town in the USA: That's what a major study published by Wiley and Sons said about Florence, Oregon in 2004. The study compared 200 popular retirement towns in the US on factors such as cost of living, medical care, ambience, recreational opportunities, security, and cultural offerings. The locals already knew it. But, the secret got out.

      “Our Little Miracle”: That’s what we (the owners) call it, because of the folks who choose to live here (and stay). They are a community of considerate, dependable, thoughtful and respectful people who tend to look out for one another. We are really hoping it can stay that way.

      Take a Look: We strive to capture the reality of Florence, on the Oregon Coast and the beautiful property we have for sale. Hope we answer the questions you are likely to ask.
    Whistle Ridge Apartments · 924 Rhododendron Drive · Florence, OR 97439 · (503) 799-4245
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